La Puente Apartments
La Puente, California

This project is a new apartment building designed to repalce an existing apartment. It is being designed by Manuel Urquiza with architectural assistance from Allan F. Dietel. Renderings by Allan Dietel.

Atlantic Bell Hotel
Bell, California

A new hotel project designed by The Urquiza Group, Inc., to replace an existing hotel. Manuel Urquiza is the designer: Allan F. Dietel is providing consulting architectural servioces and producing the renderings.

The Marke
Santa Ana, California

This 300 unit apartment complex was designed by Coe Architecture International for Lyon Communities. Allan F. Dietel, AIA was retained by the Architect to provide connstruction administration services and to serve as the Project Manager for the design of the recreation building on the top floor of the parking structure.

High Place West Apartments
Santa Monica, CA

Allan F. Dietel provided construction administraion services for this project designed by Kanner Architects. The project included underground parking and 45 units on three floors. The upper floors are connected by a walkway.

SCAN Health Plan
Long Beach,California

Remodel of existing offices on several floor of an existing office building. Projects included new offices to accommodate the re-organization of the work force. The new offices were designed to fit into the existing design with wood veneered walls and doors, etched sidelites and glass transoms. The work was done in phases so the Client could occupy the completed work of one phase while work progressed on other phases.

Projects included the remodeling of the cafe on the second floor, a working cafe on the fourth and seventh floors, new offices and a video room on the seventh floor, remodeled post office suites on the seventh floor and remodeled offices on the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors.

Manuel Urquiza was the Interior Designer; Allan F. Dietel, AIA produced the construction documents.

Remodel of the Sunset - Vine Tower
CIM Development
Hollywood, California

Kanner Architects was commissioned to convert the Sunset - Vine Office Tower into apartments. Allan F. Dietel, AIA was hired by the Architect to provide leadership and experience during the construction of the project.

Enterprise Park Pool Building
County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation
Los Angeles, California

This project involved the demolition of an existing pool building and the construction of a new facility in Enterprise Park in South Central Los Angeles. The project was designed by Frank Webb Architects; Allan Dietel produced the construction drawings and provided construction administration services.

Vine Life Multipurpose Room and Adminisration
Vine Life Christian Fellowship
Riverside, California

This project consists of adding two buildings on a campus which already has a main church building. One building will have a multipurpose room with a commercial kitchen and restrooom facilities and the other building will be an admistration building housing the pastor’s offices, the business offices and a day care center on the ground floor.

Topanga Willows Shopping Center
Topanga Dumetz, LLC.
Woodland Hills, California

An existing 7,500 square foot family market building was redesigned by the Allan F. Dietel, AIA to provide four new retail spaces including a Starbucks, a Panino sandwich shop, an Italian market and a curio shop.

Wetzel Residence Remodel
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wetzel retained Allan F. Dietel, AIA to design an addition to a single story residence on a down-sloping lot on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The addition included a new bedroom, a new office and new master bathroom. A game room was added on the lower level below the main addition.

Moses Residence Remodel
Long Beach, California

This remodel project, designed by Enrico Como, updated a 1930's vintage residence by adding an upper floor to include two bedrooms and a new master bedroom and master bath. Allan Dietel produced the construction documents.

Nevin Avenue Elementary School Addition
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, California

Kanner Architects was commissioned to design a two-story, 26,000 square foot building housing 12 new classrrooms. The new building, designed in the Modernist style of architecture, was hailed by the architects at LAUSD as a project "which finally brings the School District into the 21st Centurt." Allan Dietel was the Project Manager.

Riverside County's Credit Union Building
Inland Pacific Advisors, Developers
Riverside, California

This 3-story, 62,000 square foot building was designed by Kanner Architects in association with The Urquiza Group, Inc. in 2000. Allan Dietel was the Project Manager responsible for the preparation of the core and shell drawings produced by Kanner Architects and for the coordination of the interior drawings produced by UGI.

Puma Outlet Retail Stores
Puma North America
Various Locations in the United States

Puma North America, a retailer of athletic wear, commissioned Kanner Architects to design a prototype outlet store which could be installed in typical outlet malls throughout the United States. Allan Dietel coordinated the design and completion of the working drawings for several stores located in Orlando, Florida; Camarillo, California; Gilroy, California and Petaluma, California.

Cahuenga Elementary School
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, California

Mr. Dietel was assigned the role of Construction Administration Architect for this $6 million addition to an existing school. The project includes twelve new classrooms, a multi-purpose room and underground parking. From 1994 to 1996, Mr. Dietel observed the construction, answered all of the Contractor's Requests for Information, reviewed shop drawings, approved change orders and prepared the final punch list.

West Los Angeles Municipal Courthouse
County of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, Californi

Mr. Dietel was the Project Manager and the Director of CADD Operations for the design and production of a $40,000,000 court facility for the County of Los Angeles, The project included eight courts and spaces for the Marshal, the Sheriff, the District Attorney and the Court Clerk. A separate parking structure for 450 cars was also designed to fit on a very tight site in West Los Angeles. The project was designed in 1992 by Kanner Architects.

Sheriff’s Operations Center and Jail Complex
County of San Joaquin
French Camp, California

Mr. Dietel was the Assistant Project Manager for a $60,000,000 complex consisting of an administration building, a medical housing unit, an intake housing building and two groups of four housing buildings to accommodate approximately 2,080 inmates. Mr. Dietel directed the efforts of a Project Architect and three production teams in preparing and coordinating the documents for the facility. The project was designed in 1989 by Dworsky Associates.

Santa Clara Hall of Justice
County of Santa Clara
San Jose, California

Mr. Dietel assumed the role of Construction Administration Architect for the final fifteen months of construction for this $50,000,000 high security facility. During that time, Mr. Dietel visited the job site weekly to observe the progress of construction, supervised the answering of more that 1,000 requests for information, reviewed all requests for change orders and prepared the punch lists. The project was designed by Dworsky Associates.

West County Justice Center
Contra Costa County
Richmond, California

Mr. Dietel was the Project Architect for a $30,000,000 detention complex which included an administration building, an intake housing building, a multipurpose building and four housing buildings for 560 inmates. The facility was designed by Dworsky Associates in 1987.

Neely Region Office Building
Hewlett-Packard Company
North Hollywood, California

Mr. Dietel was the Project Architect for the $26,000,000 regional sales and office facility for Hewlett Packard. The project included a four story building with sales areas on the ground floor and offices and a cafeteria on the upper floors and an attached parking garage for 240 cars. The project was designed in 1984 by Dworsky Associates.

Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank
The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Los Angeles, California

Mr. Dietel was the Project Architect for the $50,000,000 Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, a project that included a 350,000 square foot main building and a parking structure for more than 350 cars both constructed over a huge, high security vault in the basement. Designed by Dworsky Associates in 1984.

Tom Bradley International Terminal
City of Los Angeles, Department of Airports
Los Angeles, California

The Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport was a joint venture project designed by Pereira/Dworsky/Sinclair/Williams. Allan Dietel was selected as the Director of Architectural Production and assigned with the responsibility of supervising the preparation and coordination of more that 200 architectural drawings for a $120,000,000 airline terminal. Mr. Dietel supervised the work of five architects and twenty draftspersons in preparing the bid documents in time for construction to be completed for the 1984 Olympic Games.

Computer Operations Center
Sanwa Bank of California
Monterey Park, California

Mr. Dietel was the Project Architect for the $13,000,000 computer operations center for Sanwa Bank located in an old quarry in Monterey Park. The 100,000 square foot facility was designed in 1980 by Dworsky Associates as a split level facility to house the currency handling facilities, the executive offices, and the computer operations for the bank. Allan Dietel supervised the production staff and acted as the construction administration architect during the construction of the facility.

“The Park” Office Building Complex
Matlow Kennedy Development
Los Angeles, California

Mr. Dietel was the Project Job Captain for a $10,000,000 complex of five office buildings and an adjacent parking structure. The project included 335,000 square feet of office space in separate office buildings linked by an upper level walkway system and surrounded by lavishly landscaped grounds. The complex was designed by Dworsky Associates in 1977.

United States Post Office - Briggs Station
United States Postal Service
Los Angeles, California

The Briggs Station Post Office, located next to the historic Pan Pacific Auditorium, was designed by Richard Dorman, FAIA. Allan Dietel was the Project Job Captain responsible for preparing the construction documents for the $1,000,000 facility.